Between the Medieval and The Modern

August 27, 2011

Modern Marvels – Weather predictions

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Every now and then someone (usually my mother) asks me why I’m a reenactor. There are many reasons, but one is because it gives me perspective on modern life. And reminds me how lucky I am to live in this century.


As the East Coast has been preparing all week for the arrival of Hurricane Irene, several times I’ve thought about how blessed I am to live in an age when we get advance warning of severe weather like hurricanes. Irene isn’t due to hit New England until Sunday, but as early as Tuesday I was aware that she was headed our way (and e-mailing the Hauptmann about possible rain dates for Saturday’s workshop). Five days is plenty of time to stock up on food, water, and batteries.

My whole life, we’ve always been able to find out the weather in advance. But we’ve only had these early warning systems for about a century. The National Weather service was founded in 1870. And the National Hurricane Center was founded a little over a hundred years ago.

I’ve been thinking about what it must have been like to have storms just blow out of nowhere, with no warning and no idea if it’s going to be a summer shower or a major blow.

I am blessed to live in the 21st century because we can predict the weather and prepare for it. Knowing the weather five days in advance is a modern marvel.


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