Between the Medieval and The Modern

August 8, 2017

CoBloWriMo Day 5 – Origin Story

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I am so far behind. But that’s because this whole blogging to a prompt thing has sent me down memory lane and I’ve been digging through my old (non-digital) photos trying to find pictures of early projects. I still can’t figure out where my “brag book” album has gone and hidden itself. But I don’t want to get too far behind, so time to get posting again!

Take us back to where it all began.

Oh goodness, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t in love with playing dress up. We had a dress up box when I was a kid, mostly random long skirts, maybe a cape, and a couple of fabric 19th century bonnets (Little House on the Prairie was on TV during my childhood).


Mom’s sewing wardrobe

My mother sewed, mostly curtains and pillows, but the occasional outfit or costume for me or my sister. And sometimes clothes for my Barbie doll. We had a big wooden wardrobe where she stored the sewing machine and her fabric and the button box! I loved going through our metal cookie tin full of buttons, I suspect most of them came from my grandmother. I was sorely disappointed when my mother told me that she’d sold the button box at a yard sale. I was probably more attached to the button box than I was to anything in my mother’s jewelry box.

I took home economics for a single trimester in seventh grade. And I remember that the first outfit that I sewed for myself was when my Dungeons and Dragons group had a little homemade renn faire in our Dungeon Master’s back yard. Now, lest you think I was a completely nerdy child, I’d gone to school with his sister for years, and our group was at least half females. We were NOT the stereotypical “loser” kids that the media liked to portray as playing D&D. We were all super smart, creative kids whose parents were all professionals. As far as I know, we all went off to college and are gainfully employed. Nobody still lives in their parent’s basement.


I still own the hood I made in eighth grade (this is not eighth grade)

At any rate, we were going to have what I now suppose we’d call a LARP in their back yard when I was in the eighth grade. We all made costumes, and their mom made Kool-Aid and that’s about all I remember about that. I made a t-tunic out of some sort of drab tan/brown fabric with a crenellated dagged hem (which I soon regretted, sewing around all those little rectangles was a real pain!). And I made a red felt hood that went over my shoulders and had a really long liripipe that I had to tuck up in my belt or it would drag on the ground. I was so proud of that hood, I used a drinking glass to trace a scalloped edge around the hem and I made it so that I could wear it as a Chaperon if I wanted to. The tunic has long since disappeared, but I still have the hood in my costume collection to this day.

(I probably got the idea from this picture book in my collection)


And, as I said in my Introduce Yourself post, my Wasband took me to my first renaissance faire and we used to attend science fiction conventions together, and it was all over once I realized that there were places I could still play dress up as a grown up.  In fact I’m going to some sort of costumed event five days this month.


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