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February 13, 2012

Timelines and Reenacting

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A week ago I was still catching up on my sleep after getting back from my eighth ReenactorFest (aka Military History Fest, but some of us are too used to the old name to change now).

ReenactorFest is the reason I made the move from renaissance faire playtron with an interest in history to 16th century reenactor. I went to my first ReenactorFest with Stephen, Alena, and Tom and a couple others in 2006. Amanda joined us for the trip the next year. And in May 2009 the five of us had the meeting that led to the founding of The Guild of Saint Moritz/Das Geld Fӓhnlein.

Over the past five years, my favorite reenactment events have been timelines. There’s just something about getting to geek out with other reenactors, hearing about what they’re researching, seeing what interesting little bits of material culture they’re collected, and seeing how they’ve chosen to present their little slice of history to the general public. I always come back from ReenactorFest feeling energized and psyched up to dive back into some research.

But one of the coolest things about the trip to ReenactorFest this year was getting to chat with my friend Kass McGann, proprietress of Reconstructing History and her fabulous husband Bob (pictured). Kass gave me a little advance peek into her plans for a Golden Age of Travel dream birthday. I still remember her descriptions of her trip on Cunard back in 2010 (which totally made me want to run out and book a cruise! If only I could arrange to have vacation time and extra money at the same time….).

I spent a lot of time reading Agatha Christie and Dorothy L. Sayers myself, and I’m getting ready to finally start watching Downton Abby on Netflix. It’s going to be a whole lotta fun watching her research the 1930s, construct her wardrobe, and plan this trip. I hope to see the occasional blog post from Bob too. I never did find out his verdict on whether or not his new dry cleaners did an acceptable job on his dress shirts. He does wear that tux rather nicely, doesn’t he?

How can you not love a couple who plan to cruise in proper style? Damn, now I wanna reenact the 1930s too.

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